Our Guarantee

We don’t just make promises at Prudential Real Estate – we deliver. So when it comes to selling your property, you can expect a lot from us.


We will advise of a probable selling price range based on a factual analysis of your current local market. If your property sells below the price quoted, and we have not reviewed the price due to market conditions, you are not obliged to pay us.


Should you not be satisfied with our performance, you have the right to cancel your agreement with us provided we have had the opportunity to rectify your concerns.


Your circumstances are confidential at all times and will never be discussed with anyone without your consent. All property keys that are provided to us are security coded for your protection, and all doors and windows locked upon exiting a property.


We endeavour to keep you up-to-date with all progress and will review every potential buyer to ensure that they qualify as genuine. Following inspections of your property, you can expect detailed feedback delivered to your secure online portal and all offers will be presented to you as soon as possible for you to make a considered assessment. We attend all appointments for your property for professional marketing, valuations, open homes, pest and building inspections, and you will only be charged for advertising authorised by you (with all unused money returned at the end of a marketing campaign).


Any of our salespeople, from any one of our offices, can introduce a buyer to your property. In this way you are not bound to a single salesperson, and your property will benefit from greater reach through their buyers.