5 Tips for Renters who want to Stay

One of the drawbacks of renting is that landlords may want you to move out at some stage. This could be for reasons that you can’t help such as their needing to sell the property in Liverpool or wanting a family member to live in it, but sometimes even the decision to sell could have been influenced by the tenants themselves. What can you do to minimise the risk of this happening?
1) Always pay rent on time – Many tenants make the mistake of thinking their landlord is very wealthy. In fact, many landlords are young people, couples or small families investing in homes to prepare for retirement. These people often give up holidays or live in shared accommodation to help pay their bank loans. As a result, tenants which pay on time are always appreciated and viewed as highly valuable.
2) While serious repairs are necessary, many tenants choose to take care of small maintenance issues themselves. On the other hand, some tenants ignore problems and let them become more expensive as time goes on.
3) Think of the impact you have on neighbors – If your neighbors complain about noise or rubbish left laying on the ground, it goes without saying you will be seen negatively in the eyes of your landlord.
4) Keep the home clean and tidy – If the home looks well cared for, especially during inspection time, your Property Manager and landlord will be more likely to see you as a good tenant and want to keep you for longer.
5) Ask before making changes to the property – Putting nails in the walls or otherwise changing the home can be viewed quite negatively. Ask your Property Manager before you do this, or better yet, use adhesives which are wall-safe such as 3M hooks for photo frames.
In most cases, using your better judgment is the best way to being a good tenant. If in doubt, your Property Manager in Liverpool is only a phone call away and more than happy to assist.