A new strategy for sellers at Prudential

In recent months, there’s been a lot of talk about the property market ‘softening’ in relation to Covid-19. 

But while this might be the case for some areas across NSW and in other states, in the local South West Sydney area, we can confidently say that the market is steadily continuing to improve.

Of course, that goes without saying that we’ve had to adapt as well as to innovate in the current climate, in order to meet demand and the needs of our clients – and this includes the way in which we sell property.

Traditionally, the selling process involves two standard methods; one being a private treaty (more commonly known as the ‘for sale’ method), and the other an auction method. And while some properties can sell quite successfully using either of these methods, others are simply failing to attract genuine buyers.

To counter this inconsistency we recently came up with an original idea that has proven to create excellent results for our clients.

We’ve called the idea PRUDENTIAL PROPERTY LAUNCH and in recent weeks we have had some incredible results selling local properties using this method.

A PRUDENTIAL PROPERTY LAUNCH can be a powerful process to increase customer demand, competitive bidding and multiple offers – even at the first open home! Moreover, it’s an efficient way of securing a buyer in what can be an unpredictable market.

In fact, our PRUDENTIAL PROPERTY LAUNCH method recently saw one of our listings in Ashcroft sell for $30,000 higher than the owner’s expectations, after 31 buyers came through a single open house and an astounding 14 offers were placed on the property.

When it comes to selling, we’re driven to achieve the best possible outcome for your property – we want to secure every dollar your property can achieve – and we believe that this innovative strategy will provide property sellers with a competitive advantage as a desirable option.

If you’re after advice on getting the best price for your home in the current climate, or if you’re considering which strategy is right for your home, contact us today. 

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