Don’t Lose Sleep Over Buyer Remorse

After weeks of searching you have finally found your perfect dream home in Narellan . You have made an offer and had it accepted within a short time frame. You have been incredibly lucky to find a home so quickly, and for a price you can afford.
After settlement, many buyers spend sleepless nights worrying and wondering if they have made the right choice. After all, it was a bit too easy, wasn’t it? Maybe they think they have paid too much or there must be something you missed. There must be something wrong with the property in Narellan if the owners were willing to drop the price for you.
If the above sentiments sound familiar, you are not alone. Many buyers experience this “Buyer’s Remorse” and it is based on self-doubt and stress. We try to minimize the effect of buyer’s remorse by carrying out the necessary checks such as building and pest reports before we make the final transaction.
In order to reduce the impact of buyer’s remorse, tell yourself you have made the right decision. You have completed all the necessary steps, checks and discussed the issue with your Real Estate Agent. Be confident in your decision and if you have any legitimate concerns, have them looked at as soon as possible so you can get back to sleeping well at night.

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