Doom and Gloom or Clever Marketing?

The headlines these days keep telling us that real estate is pricing more and more people out of the market.
The honest to goodness truth that we, at Prudential Real Estate in Narellan have noticed, is there are still plenty of homes out there that are affordable, have potential, and are just waiting for the right person to take up the reigns of property ownership and ride with it.
We say clever marketing because there are many business out there jockeying for your well-earned dollar. We are bombarded with the marketing of products more and more. You cannot turn on the television, listen to the radio, or even watch a clip on YouTube without having to endure “the advertisement” first.
Going to the latest club, holidaying in THE resort that everybody is buzzing about and driving the car with all the bells and whistles are all great dreams, but are they really necessary? Do designer shoes really last longer than generic brands?
Clever marketing will have you swapping out your needs for wants and vice versa so it is important that you keep your eye on your goal if it is your intention to own your private little patch.

Deposit Saving 101

When you decide to enter the buying real estate arena in Narellan, Sydney, there is no doubt about it you are going to have to “knuckle down” to a savings plan.
This may or may not mean a shortening of the money strings or at the very least a consideration of what is really important and what you can let go – in the short term – to get you on the road to real estate success.
If you have a car that is well maintained and not in need of major mechanical work, perhaps you could hang on to it for another few years and upgrade after you have purchased your new home, using its equity to gain that extra cash.
Will missing holidaying in Ibiza be the end of the world? Chances are you may not remember much of that trip anyway so perhaps you could achieve the same goals locally and put the savings towards your deposit.
When you start saving though be kind to yourself. Do it in little manageable chunks and reward yourself when you get to your first, second and subsequent goals.
You can do this without spending a lot of money. Go for a walk with an old friend, take a drive to the beach for a jog, or catch the latest movie with your friends.
Before you know it, you will be inviting your friends to the house warming and swapping out dreams for reality.