Heard About Horningsea?

Located 39km south west of Sydney is the suburb of Horningsea Park. Horningsea is a recently developed residential area which also includes industrial sites in its eastern boundaries, and is named after an historic estate which was Horningsea Park House. Settled in the 1800s, the land was largely in use for farming and noted development was not to take place until the 1900s. During the years from 1996 to 2001 a growth spurt ensued, only to slow down afterwards, although quite a few new houses were added during that time. The number of residents in this area stands at over 3,500.
Much of the suburban real estate in Sydney has been named after places in England which was the birthplace of the owner, and Horningsea Park is one of these areas. It was named by Joshua Moore after the village of Horningsea, Cambridge, England, and the beautiful home that he built on his estate remains today and is heritage listed. This home was also purchased and lived in by the explorer who named Mt Kosciuszko. There are two main roads in Horningsea Park which connect to Liverpool and Camden, and there is a Busabout terminus which provides transport to five surrounding suburbs.
To the north of the suburb stands Cannes Hill Marketplace which is quite a substantial shopping centre and to the south are the popular Trash and Treasure Markets. Other features of this real estate near Liverpool are two schools, one being a catholic primary school and the other a public high school, plus a child care centre for the working mums. There is the Cannes Hill Medical Centre and an Optometrist Centre available for those who need these services. In 2011 a new fire truck costing a million dollars was added to the fire fighting equipment of the Horningsea unit, providing protection for not only that area, but also surrounding suburbs.
Some of the local businesses are of course the real estate agencies, takeaway shops including Domino Pizzas and McDonalds, and there is also a florist delivering floral arrangements and gift baskets to areas all over Australia. The Cannes Hill Marketplace contains many of the usual Plaza type stores such as Big W, Woolworths, ALDI, Dick Smith plus many others, making it a great place to head to for a shopping spree. If this sounds like an ideal place for you to live, and you are thinking of a change of pace, why not check out the local real estate agents and check out the many choices available to find your dream home.