How to Buy in a Property Boom

How do we buy in a property boom? The answer to this question? VERY CAREFULLY. And most definitely under the expert guidance of professional agents with experience under their belts such as the team at Sydney Prudential Real Estate possess.
We are not blowing our own horn, just stating a fact.
With bragging rights to more than 25 years’ experience in the industry, we know what we are talking about.
Significant increases surrounding the recent property boom in Sydney and surrounding areas revolve around a couple of factors.
The first of these factors is the lack of available property on the market. This includes the fact that there is very little vacant land available for development, which is driving investors and property owners alike to consider existing property for investment.
The second of these factors is the continued low rates set by the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA).
The combination of cheap money and property scarcity has driven prices through the roof with cashed up investors willing to pay far in excess of a property’s value to secure it.
There have been stories of people forgoing the necessities such as pest and building inspections and other due diligence in the buying frenzy. This is not wise.
The good news for first time home buyers in Sydney is that the market is slowing and some predict there will be a drop in some values as the market sorts itself out.
If you are in the market to buy ideal real estate this does not mean you should sit back and wait, as no one can predict when and where this drop may happen, but rather use this time to sharpen your property snooping skills so that when you discover that diamond in the rough you are ready.
Proven Ability and Track Record
As mentioned above, we at Prudential Real Estate have a very good grasp of what is happening in Sydney’s south-west and with four existing offices in and around this area and a fifth on the way this year, we have all the bases covered for you to explore from one end to the other, using the same reputable company.
We leave no rock unturned in our search for the perfect property for you and will pull out all the stops to ensure you find the gem you are seeking.
Visit with us to see for yourself how we can help you in your quest.