July 2016 Rental Market Update Video

Nick Giles: Hello, Nick Giles here from Prudential Real Estate with an update on rental properties in the MacArthur.
Nick Giles: During the month of June the hard working leasing team at Prudential Real Estate found tenants for 51 of our rental properties. That’s right! 2 new leases every single day.
Nick Giles: In Sydney right now the average time to find a tenant is 24.3 days. But there’s a different story at Prudential Real Estate. In June we leased our rental properties at an average of just 4 days!
Nick Giles:How do we do it?

  1. We have between 800 ­ 1200 ready, willing and able tenants on our database actively looking for rental properties on any given day
  2. When we have a vacant property we email and text message them all to let them know about the new property
  3. We follow up with every one of them until we find them a property. That property might be yours! Just like this one…

Nick Giles: Let me show you what it looks like at one of our open homes.
Tyler Hardy: This well­-presented granny flat recently saw 14 groups inspect the property.
Nick Giles: If you would like some advice about your rental property call me today on (02) 4628 0033. There’s no cost or obligation, but like the whole team at Prudential Real Estate, I love to help.

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