No-Money Makeovers

DIY makeovers have only gained more popularity in recent years. With television shows such as “The Block”, everyone is gearing towards renovating, making over and updating their family home.
Sure, these updates can add value and reignite a homeowner’s passion, but they can be quite expensive, and most Australians don’t have the budget to accommodate such wide-scale changes.
With these five home-makeover tips you won’t have to spend a cent, and they can hopefully get your creative spark going so you can think of a few more to add around the home in Narellan.
If you have been meaning to make over your home for next to nothing, you cannot afford to miss out on the tips we have provided…
1. Use Art to Conceal Cords and Damage
If you have power cords, small holes or gaps around the home, use pop art to hide them away. Arrange different sized photos frames with contrasting pictures to create interest in the pieces. You will most likely have some old artwork stashed somewhere – what better chance to go looking for it?
If you haven’t got any art laying around, you can get extra creative by creating some yourself on a cheap canvas and with left over paints.
2. Use Pot Plants to Brighten Up Your Fireplace
If you haven’t used the fireplace in years, or it’s no longer functional, place a nice pot plant inside to help bring life into the space. A fern would make the best choice, as it doesn’t require a lot of sunlight to live.
If your fireplace has lots of space, you can use one large pot plant a few smaller ones to enhance the area further. Remember to use earthy tones and to match the other décor of your home.
3. Repaint Your Old Dresser or Chair
You have all those cans of left over paint ranging from blacks to yellows and reds. Why not use them to repaint the legs of a chair or do create a rainbow dresser? A great addition to any kids room and they will brighten up any part of the home.
Using bright colors always adds excitement and playfulness. If you are looking for something more elegant and soothing, try earthy tones such as browns, greens and even dark yellows.
4. Create a Family Photo Collage
Your precious memories shouldn’t be locked away in a box under the stairs – open them up for the world to see! If you have a feature wall, this would be the perfect spot. Alternatively, you can always create a new feature wall with leftover paint.
In either case, you can use photo frames of different shapes and sizes to help create an elegant new feature to the home. Showing off your favorite photos and a new feature wall – win!
5. Recycle
You’ve been meaning to start a herb garden, why not use those old Jam Jars sitting under the sink? Firstly, give the jars a good wash and line the bottom with a few pebbles for drainage. Next, fill with garden-grade soil and plant small herbs such as mint or parsley. Wrap the Jars in thick stock paper and wrap with red or pink twine to finish. For an added effect, print the name of the herb on the stock paper to give an extra luxurious feel.
Fresh aromas, fresh herbs and a fresh look for that window sill!
The opportunities are only limited by your imagination – think creatively and start with the basics. Before you know it, you’ll be a discount DIY master!