Places! Places everyone!

Lights, camera….is this mic on?!
Selling your home for a great sale price is all about putting on a great show. It doesn’t have to be a huge money pit to make an excellent stage production though. Investing a little time, money and energy into home staging can add thousands more the perceived value of your home. Here are a few simple tips on how to stage your home to sell;


Hold a garage sale, jump on Gumtree or eBay or even organise a council clean up before you decide to place your property on the market. As by getting rid of old junk, furniture and kids toys for example you not only maximise the space in your home, this will reduce the amount you stuff you move into your next property – moving day made easy!
Alternatively you can store extra furniture or goods you would like to keep off-site in a storage unit, until the property is sold.


Simply, buyers want to be able to see themselves living in your property.
So, that bright purple feature wall in the lounge could be a major distraction to buyers away from the space and style of the home. To ensure that prospective buyers ‘feel at home’ invest in repainting and restyling your home with neutral colours…especially that feature wall.
Another handy tip is to remove all personal touches such as wedding and baby photos, posters hanging in your teenagers room or the signed footy jersey in the man cave…as buyers may have other ideas on how they would use this space.
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