Preparing For Open Inspections

If your home is to be shown for an open inspection in Campbelltown, you should be aware that you get one chance to make an impression. If a potential buyer is put off the first time round it is unlikely they will give your place a second thought.
With this in mind it is in your best interest to make your first impression the best impression possible. We will guide you at Prudential Real Estate Campbelltown on how you can make your home as presentable as possible to ensure that the impression at the open inspection lasts.
Even if a buyer walks away the first time there is every chance they may be back if you take the right steps to preparing before the inspection. Here are some great tips for you on making your home inviting and enticing to potential buyers.

Tidy up

Tidying up may seem like obvious advice but you’d be surprised how many people fail to do so. Mess won’t sell your home; clean the floors, dust your blinds and wash the windows. All of those tedious tasks need to be done and they will go a long way to making a good impression.
If you have washing on the line, take it off. Fold clothes and put them away. The tidier your home is the better.

Fresh air and sunlight

Fresh air and sunlight is not just for the outdoors. Keeping your windows and window coverings closed will make the home look smaller, more dingy and give a stale smell. A home that is full of light and fresh air looks brighter and smells fresher.
Speaking of smells, ensure the smells in your home are inviting. Remove any dirty shoes that are visible; if you have pets ensure that their smells are not present. If need be bake something yummy in the morning so the house is full of inviting smells. Another trick is to heat some vanilla in water in an oven proof cup in the oven; this will make your home smell sweet.
Candles and fresh flowers can also give a nice smell. Be mindful that some perfume smells can be irritating to some so don’t go too strong on scented candles or incense.

You and pets

If you have pets then evidence of them, including the pet, should be scarce. If possible have your pets looked after during inspection times. As for yourself, leave the house while inspections are on so buyers don’t feel they are being watched. Always lock valuables away to be on the safe side.
We also recommend that on hot days you set your air conditioner if possible to cool the home. Comfort means potential buyers will take more time to look around. If you have any further questions about making your home more presentable for sale, contact us at Prudential Real Estate Campbelltown today.

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