Property Management in Macquarie Fields

Macquarie Fields once inhabited by the Darug people before white settlement, lies 42km south west of Sydney CBD and had more than 13,000 people in residence. One of the people who received a land grant, James Meehan, named the area after Governor Lachlan Macquarie in appreciation of the land grant. His reason for transportation to the colonies was taking part in the Irish Rebellion, but having trained as a surveyor, his skills were invaluable in forming towns and he received a full pardon in 1806 and then was appointed Surveyor General in 1810. He was given a land grant in appreciation of his valuable skills.
As well as private homes, much of the real estate Macquarie Fields was given over for the use of public housing on land which was once used for growing crops, fruit orchards and grazing cattle. Subdivision of the land in 1833 by the new owner failed in its goal of creating a whole new town due to the Great Depression, as many at that time were living in much the same conditions as the Darug people did. Growth came on slowly after the Second World War ended, with the area seeing the opening of a school in 1958 and the number of residents getting close to the 4,000 mark.
Today Macquarie Fields is a large suburb with more than 13,000 people of all nationalities calling it home. Sensitive property management has ensured that there are reliable tenants placed into rental accommodation that is available in the area. There are six schools in the area for both primary and secondary students, and the large Glenquarie Shopping Centre for shopping for family needs and more. This infrastructure alone makes this area a viable option for families and real estate agencies will be happy to help you find what you need, whether it is rentals or private buys.
This suburb can also rightfully boast of its well known Macquarie Leisure Centre, which houses an indoor sports area, a gym and indoor pools. Outdoors there is a large Olympic sized swimming pool, great for those who want to keep fit or train up. For outdoor sports activities there are parks available, and foodies will be well satisfied with the restaurants and takeaways here as well. Move in, join an indoor sports team and meet people making new friends at the same time, workout in the gym together, then cool off in the pool. Afterwards get together and go out for a meal somewhere to relax and wind down.