Property Management in Minto

If you love history and would love to live in a town full of historical events then why not have a look at Minto. Minto is a wonderful town in the electorate of Campbell Town with a population of approximately 11,000 people. This area was first found by the first fleet in 1811 and the Governor Lachlan Macquarie granted 800 acres of land to William Redfern who was the colony’s first surgeon. William Redfern then named it Campbellfield after Macquarie’s wife whose last name was Campbell prior to her marriage. If you are looking for property in such an area then a Property Management in Minto professional can help you with this.
There are many wonderful towns and properties around Australia that hold significant historical value for those with a passion for history. If you want to own a piece of this history, local real estate professionals can help you locate a property suitable for your needs. Imagine living in a town filled with rich historical events and towns that were filled with people that helped to create and shape Australia when it was first settled.
The suburb of Minto is one such place filled with rich, historical events that have helped to shape the town and make it the place it is today. In 1810, on St Andrews Road, Doctor Robert Towson built a sandstock home after being given a parcel of land by the governor and the property was named Varroville. This home was then subsequently owned by historical men such as Charles Sturt and James Raymond. A Georgian bungalow called Epping Forest was built in the 1820’s on Raby Road by Colonel Parker and in 1830 a farm called Robin Hood Farm was built on Campbelltown road. All three of these properties are now listed on the Register of National Estate.
A railway station was built in 1874 then named Campbellfield, though with Campbelltown being so close, this led to confusion resulting in the town and station being renamed Minto in 1882. Later on in the 1950’s developments started taking place in Minto and in 1969 a large portion of land was sold to Housing Commission to provide affordable accommodation to low income families. Real Estate professionals can help you to find a home in this area, whether you require it to live in or for an investment property.
So whatever your property needs, consider giving the real estate professionals a call. They are experienced at their work and will get the best deal for you and if it is an investment property, they can help you to manage that property as well.