Prudential services now GUARANTEED

In a move designed to delight current and future clients Prudential Real Estate have recently announced a new GUARANTEED SERVICE STANDARD. Guaranteed services include both property sales and property management.

“If you are selling your property with us we will guarantee a buyer for your Sydney property in 30 days or less. In addition, you will pay nothing for our service if the eventual sale price is below our original estimate” commented Michael O’Sullivan, a Director at Prudential Real Estate.

Most people selling a property do so once every 5 to 10 years and are often apprehensive about the possible results. Our guaranteed service standards have been developed with our clients concerns in mind. Our expert team in Sydney will find a buyer for their property in quick time and for a great price. And, if not, they are protected by our guarantee of service.

The same applies to our property investment clients who are considering renting their property.

“If you are a new landlord client you’ll also enjoy a guaranteed service from our property management team in Sydney. For example, we guarantee that if your tenant won’t pay your rent we will. We also guarantee your property won’t be vacant longer than 14 days – if not, we will pay the rent”

Full details about our new GUARANTEED SERVICE STANDARD can be found on our website at

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