Purchasers Prefer Internet

Marketing is one of the main costs of selling any property and it’s important to know that it is money well spent. The best way to be sure of this is to ask your agent if they have conducted local research to know where their purchasers come from. The following recent research conducted Australasia-wide may help you in assessing the advertising market in your own area. Just three sources generate, on average, 89.5% of purchaser enquiry.
The same research also shows that the Internet is increasingly being utilised as the primary contact point with property for sale by purchasers looking for a residential property – currently a massive 72% of enquiry.
The two other main sources are newspaper display advertising (11%) and For Sale boards (6.5%).
Your area may vary from this average, but knowing the facts will make you a more informed property seller. Make sure your agent in Campbelltown has conducted local research and knows the source of prospective purchasers so that you get the maximum enquiry from your marketing dollar.