The trials and tribulations of repainting your home: how to make the process quicker and easier!

Recently our family decide to take on the arduous task of repainting our entire house ready for sale. Although we won’t be looking to sell until we find my parent’s dream acreage, now seemed like the perfect time of year to get this project out of the way.
At this stage we have agreed upon a colour, which took a fair few samples to agree upon.
As yet we need to make the next step…like most families with full-time work and other responsibilities it’s seems like this task has been left in the ‘too-hard’ basket until now. So to help my your family and mine get a plan into action, I did some research and here are some tips I have for tackling the task of repainting your home:
1. Keep your paint tray clean
To make the clean up that much easier line your paint tray with a plastic bag or aluminium foil. When the job’s done, simply wrap up the dry paint and dispose of the bag. Replace the bag with a clean plastic bag and keep painting. Simple and tidy!
2. Combine paint and primer
If you are painting onto bare walls, you can reduce the number of coats required by using a paint- and- primer. Not only will this save you time and give you better coverage in one coat, but most brands are now fade and stain resistant and easy to clean. You’ll find that most paint brands have paint and primer combinations available at your local hardware store.
3. Buy the right paint
This may seem like a no-brainer however there is a lot to consider when choosing paint- undercoats, overcoats, primer, interiors, exteriors etc. To help you get it right Masters has come up with this handy paint guide.
4. Cut in carefully
Cutting in is the delicate process of painting along the edges of trim, skirting boards and mouldings, when the area you are painting is too cramped or odd-shaped for a roller. To cut in like a pro, use a small container of paint to avoid overloading your paint brush, hold your brush head like a pencil to give extra control, and invest in a high quality, stiff angled brush. Take your time and don’t rush for a premium result!
We have six more tips for you! Go to our Blogger’ Page to get the rest.

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