Upstairs or Downstairs

When searching for an apartment or unit to buy there is one question to which you may want the answer, should I choose upstairs or downstairs? There are a few factors that come into play that you should consider, such as whether the property is for an investment or for you to live in.
At Prudential Real Estate we can show you some beautiful units for sale in Campbelltown, but when you are buying the property to live in yourself then the importance of certain factors will change. When the property is an investment some of the factors won’t matter to you so much but bear in mind that these factors can also affect how well a place rents.
We have listed some pros and cons of upstairs and downstairs apartments, you simply need to decide what you need or want more.

Ground floor

There are quite a few pros when it comes to ground floor units. One of the biggest is the possibility of a courtyard. The reason this is fantastic is because sometimes units and apartments tend to be smaller than houses.
So whether you are living in or renting out, if there are children or if the occupants like space outdoors, this is a major draw card.
Ground floor units also have no stairs to contend with so are fantastic for the elderly or for those who have physical limitations. No neighbours below you mean you don’t have to tip toe about or worry about children running around.
The cons then of course with ground floor dwellings are that you may have to put up with hearing neighbours walk about upstairs and you are more likely to hear outside noise such as cars pulling into driveways and people arriving home.


Upstairs apartments are great for views, and if the position is right, privacy and less noise from other occupants in the complex. Also being an upstairs apartment you are more likely to have more natural light.
The cons for upstairs is that you will possibly only have a balcony and, of course, stairs to climb. If the property is for renting then you could greatly cut your possible applicants if there are only stairs and no elevator.
While most dwellings are air conditioned these days it’s wise to remember that upstairs apartments tend to be hotter, although they can catch more breezes. If there is no air conditioning the extra heat can easily be rectified by having a unit installed.
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