Want a Healthier And Greener Lawn?

The grass doesn’t have to be greener on the other side – giving your front yard a make over will create a welcoming and pleasant first impression for buyers and potential tenants in Campbelltown. To create a healthier and greener lawn, simply follow these steps:
1) Raise the Blade – Set your mower blade to about 6-7 centimeters. This is generally quite long – longer grass means deeper roots. Having your mower blade set too low can also cause your lawn to experience shock and stun growth.
2) Mulch then Mulch Some More – Mulching can be super easy! Simply collect the clippings from your cut grass and spread across your lawn. Short clippings help feed your lawn as they decompose. You’ll reduce waste and ensure a thicker and greener yard. Mulching also helps plants retain moisture, so less watering is required saving you more dollars.
3) Water Less Frequently– It’s a common misconception that a lawn should be mowed daily. Water only once or twice a week. This forces grass roots to grow deeper allowing them to find water naturally – handy in times of water shortages. Approximately two to four centimeters of water once a week is plenty for most types of grass
4) Aerate Your Soil – Drilling lots of little holes all over your yard allows oxygen to penetrate the ground and gives your grass better access to water and nutrients. You can find aerating machines at your local hardware store or you can use strap on metal shoes with spikes to get the job done. Aerating your soil can make a huge difference and is often the most important step, especially if your lawn gets foot traffic which compacts the soil and strangles the roots.
5) Fertilize Carefully – You should consult your local garden centre in Campbelltown about fertilizing your lawn as different species of grass have many different needs. If you can, try to invest in a fertilizer which has a slow release component which will feed your lavish lawn slowly over time.
These simple yet effective tips will ensure visitors are greeted with a luscious and beautiful green lawn – remember, first impressions do count! For more handy tips feel free to contact our office and speak to a salesperson – they’d love to hear from you!

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