Wattle Grove

Wattle Grove is a recently developed residential area and a suburb of Sydney that reaches from the South Western Motorway in the North through to the railway line in the south. Derna Road and Anzac Creek mark the east and west borders in turn. Originally known as Holsworthy Village, Wattle Grove was built on a piece of the Holsworthy Military Reserve. Growth was pretty high between 1991 and 1996 until the population stabilised. The population has started to decline – people tend to move here and stay and the family size decreases as kids move out of the house. There are still some opportunities in terms of property management Wattle Grove.
This area is very popular with people with families and most inhabitants own their own homes. Most people are employed and there is nice balance between middle and upper income earners. The infrastructure is good and residents have access to a number of schools. The area has its own shopping centre – the Village Plaza Shopping Centre and also has a great artificial lake – Wattle Grove Lake is very popular for family outings or even just to get away from it all. There are several species of water birds that live on the lake.
Lakeside Park itself has a very proud history – It is considered the spiritual home of Queensland racing and was originally built by volunteers in the sixties. The track continued to be used until 2001 when it closed because it was no longer economically viable but the track was never demolished because of the public outcry when it was being considered. The track was refurbished and reopened in 2009 – it is still a popular outing to this day.
There are several different playgrounds dotted around Wattle Grove and those that are serious about sports can stop off at the Morebank Sports Club for professional lessons in a wide variety of sports. Transport from the suburb to the Sydney central business district is easy to obtain – those without cars can catch a train – depending on which they prefer. Those involved in property management find this a very convenient suburb.
Although development of the village officially began in the seventies, it was really only in the nineties that it took off properly. Delfin helped to redevelop the community in the nineties and aimed to develop it with a strong sense of community in mind. This is still in evidence today when you attend community events – just about the whole community turns up. Especially important event include the Annual Easter Egg Hunt and the singing of Christmas Carols.