Be The Best Housemate You Can Be

If you choose to share a rental property from our listings at Prudential Real Estate it is your responsibility to ensure that all names are on the lease and those who are meant to share the property are all on the same page when it comes to paying rent, bills and keeping the place neat and tidy.
If any issues arise between tenants regarding rent or property damage in Sydney then as the most astute property management has to offer we do our best to assist in problems being rectified. In many cases though, it is a simple matter of housemates being mindful of the others who reside there. Here are a few tips on being a great housemate.

Being considerate

Taking a rowdy team of mates home at 3am while the other occupants are asleep or playing blaring dance music while someone is sick in bed is definitely not a considerate action. It is also not considerate to have houseguests stay for a night or two without first checking in with your housemate.
While others are sleeping for whatever reason, keep the noise level to a minimum and if you wish a family member or visiting friend to stay, always ask first. Keep in mind that long term guests should be cleared with one of our property management team in Sydney first.

Mind your money

Always pay your share of rent and bills on time. When people agree to share living arrangements with someone it is of utmost importance to keep up your end of the bargain. Don’t get nitpicky about the phone or electricity bills if you have previously agreed to pay half.

Clean and replace

If you break an item in the house that is shared with or belonging to your housemate, then own up to it and replace it ASAP. Also, when it comes to food be reasonable and expect that at times you may finish each other’s milk or need to use some bread.
If you find you consume any food that belongs to another occupant, then again, say so and replace it as soon as you can. Being clean may seem obvious but some people very easily forget. If you make yourself lunch, tidy the kitchen. If you mess up the bathroom, straighten it up.
Remember that when inspections happen it’s not one housemate who is responsible, it is everyone on the lease.
Last but not least, always communicate. If something is bothering you always try to bring it up in a non confrontational and open manner. If a situation does arise for which you wish to ask our advice.