Unit or House? Your Choice

Deciding if you would like to rent houses or units is an important decision. Where you choose to rent is likely to be your home for some time and so you want it to be the perfect fit to match your needs, your budget and your lifestyle.
When choosing between the two you need to take a few things into consideration.
How much work are you willing to do?
Naturally, houses will involve a bit more work than a unit. In most cases the inside of the home will be larger than a unit so there will be more housework involved there. However, there is also a yard involved with a house too. Some units may have courtyards but it’s unlikely that there will be a lawn to mow or gardens to tend to.
Check with our friendly rental team at Prudential Real Estate about what is expected in regard to yard maintenance if you are looking at a specific house. Sometimes the agreement may cover maintenance but you will still need to keep the yard neat and tidy.
Pools are another chore altogether; if you are looking at a house that has one you will need to care for this too, which can be a big task for some tenants. Units, on the other hand, generally are smaller and therefore involve less cleaning and maintenance.
How much space do you need?
Are you single, a couple, sharing with mates or a family? Depending on your living arrangements you may only need a unit or you may need the space of a house. Naturally, singles and couples can get away with living in a unit but families are likely to need a house.
Of course, you will also need to choose something that fits within your budget.
How much hustle and bustle do you like?
Units are usually found in more built up areas where there are more shops, restaurants and people milling about. If you like this kind of lifestyle and only need a unit, then this is the perfect setup for you. Houses are generally found further away from the hustle and bustle and are more suited to those who like quieter surroundings.
Get in touch with our professional team at Prudential Real Estate today to see what is available in the area in which you wish to rent. Visit online to select which office you wish to contact.